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they can fight the fight they want from mountain tops
they’re clinging to any life, and it’s no surprise
beautifully barren, trapped inside the walls
a graveyard's foundation, undone
they’ve become undone
they can fight the fight they want

as the soul survivors they need a drink to just let go
that’s what every person knows
and when halls seem haunted
they close their eyes and just lose hope
that’s what everybody knows
slightly debonair, and oh so fair

dancing a waltz while trapped in time
their secrets locked behind closed lips
meetings to place the blame on just one man
red halls and unlocked doors

rum soaked sheets have murdered scores
as they breathe in the dust from air, they let it settle
lungs choked in a pale affair
they’ve learned to just let it revel

as they talk about a death
there’s no honor in this
destroying innocence
here’s the maze now don’t go in

they can fight the fight they want
and they will set off the alarms
to bring any man down to his knees
and with not but axe and arms
he’d put his old faith down to sleep


from DEMO, released September 30, 2011
justin | tyler | matt | dylan | timmy




The Living City Massachusetts

"TLC were one of the biggest-selling female R&B groups of all time, riding a blend of pop, hip-hop, and urban soul to superstardom during the '90s. . .Catchy hooks and bouncy funk with a sassy, sexy attitude." [allmusic.com]

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